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swing door and fixed panels with clear glass and a black aluminum frames
How to Design an Office Millennial Employees Will Love Millennials are a growing presence in the workplace. Born roughly between 1980 and 2000, members of this tech-savvy generation will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030. Millennials are...
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work stations in an open office area
Attracting Millennial Employees: Is a Coworking Space Right for Your Company? Millennials have turned the traditional office structure on its head. Members of this tech-savvy generation by and large reject rigid workplace hierarchies and want to work with a company, not...
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waiting room glass wall partition
How to Design a Welcoming Waiting Room for Patients and Families Healthcare is undergoing a major shift toward value-based service, which emphasizes quality over quantity in patient care. This means that every part of the patient experience matters—from their first encounter...
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Glass Office Partition Interior Design Trends
Give Your Office a Fresh New Look in 2019 with These Design Trends Office design and layout heavily influence employee comfort and productivity. An inspiring office space will motivate employees to do their best work—and that’s good for employees and good for business....
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Consecutive Glass Office Partitions
Make a Great First Impression on Your Clients with These Interior Design Tips If you’ve ever walked into an office to find a deserted reception area and wandered aimlessly until you found help, the experience likely gave you doubts about the company’s professionalism....
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modern conference room interior design with a glass wall divider
How to Create Innovative Meeting Spaces for Employees and Clients Most conference rooms today simply don’t cut it. Too often they’re underequipped and underused. That’s because employees today don’t thrive in traditional boardroom-style conference rooms. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to...
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meeting room glass module loft
How Incorporate Movable Wall Panels into College Campuses College and university campuses are experiencing a design revolution. Where rows of near-identical classrooms and massive lecture halls once dominated college campuses, bright and airy tech-enabled spaces are taking their...
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restaurant glass partition divider
Make Your Restaurant Feel Larger with These Tried-and-True Tips Square footage comes at a hefty premium, especially if a business is in a highly desirable area. In restaurants with small floor plans, maximizing seating capacity while keeping the space...
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glass wall slide dividers in a spa
The Hottest Interior Design Trends for Salons and Spas in 2019 In our increasingly stressful and disruptive world, spas and salons provide much-needed sanctuary for couples and singles, overworked parents, and busy professionals alike. And it’s a lucrative enterprise. In 2017,...
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glass partition walls in an office
Why Companies Are Bringing Back BALANCE The open office layout has been around long enough for us to have a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Nearly 70 percent of companies had an open office...
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