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office divider for conference room with unique glass panels
Office Environments, Layouts, Standards and Guidelines As a contractor or architect, it’s up to you to design a space for your clients that is well suited to the client’s needs and improves the quality of their...
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office conference room with glass door divider
How Office Spaces Can Promote Productivity Your employees' overall confidence, contentment, mindset and general outlook are critical to the success of your company. A working environment that inspires positivity can go a long way in helping...
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modern office design with glass partitions
Office Interior Design Tips to Make a Great First Impression Imagine walking into a deserted business lobby, and wandering aimlessly in search of help. This would immediately leave anyone frustrated as well as skeptical of the company’s professionalism. You certainly...
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Building With Confidence
Building With Confidence As a contractor, you’re entrusted with the responsibility of creating functionally aesthetic living environments while ensuring the safety and comfort of your clients. This can be a difficult medium to...
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Health Appointment
Holiday Health Appointment Frenzy As the holidays rapidly approach, people will be making visits back to their families and hometowns, and for your booked out health business, this means one thing. A lot of...
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Qubi Glass
QubiGlass: The Spatial Solution We’ve Been Waiting For! Arming your office with invaluable safety solutions will be a crucial part of your business’s game plan heading into the upcoming winter months. Rather than focusing on decorations and outfitting...
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Keeping The Workplace Safe This Season As we head into a new season, there is a collective worry that this flu season will be far more devastating than in years past. With no sign of this...
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Modern Tech Offices Demand A New Level of Swank image
Modern Tech Offices Demand A New Level of Swank It’s no new news that the modern tech industry has surpassed growth expectations, cemented its influence on every corner of modern society, and has moved into just about every major...
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A New Kind of Necessity image
A New Kind of Necessity Interior upgrades for your commercial space or retail business that add convenience and offer flexibility are an absolute must these days. If you own and operate any business that interacts...
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Tips For Retail Success This Holiday Season image
Tips For Retail Success This Holiday Season December marks the busiest and financially rewarding months out of the entire year for retail. With the holidays and New Year’s all packed into a one-month long extravaganza, it’s obvious...
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