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Clear Glass Room Dividers for Co-Working Spaces by Space Plus
2018 Design Trends: The Glass Wall Revolution Has Arrived Glass sliding doors have revolutionized the workplace. Gone are the days of solid swing doors that block light, separate workers, and eat up valuable space. Welcome instead to the age...
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Want Healthy Employees, Let The Sun In
Want Healthy Employees? Let In the Light The heart of every company is its employees, and recent years have seen great shifts in business toward supporting employee health and wellness. Companies around the globe have been creating...
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Coworking Spaces Silver Frame Room Dividers
The Benefits of Natural Light If you want productive employees, you need healthy employees. You also need happy employees. Increasing the natural light in your office is one of the surest ways to improve wellness...
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Glass Room Dividers with Black Frame by Space Plus
Tips and Tricks for Designing a Productive Workspace It’s one of the greatest challenges facing employers: workspace design and productivity. It’s clear that one affects the other—studies have consistently proven that our environment has a significant impact on...
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Glass Office Workspaces in Chatsworth
Three Innovative Door Solutions for the Modern Office Planning your new office space? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Desks, chairs, computer servers? How about sliding glass door dividers? What about door handles and locks? Latches,...
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Office Swing Door & Side Lite
Space Planners use Interior Glass Doors When Designing Office Entrances! New U-Levers help Space Planners Meet ADA Requirements for Office Fronts! The U-Lever is an option for use on interior glass swing doors. The latch and deadbolt will retract when...
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Glass Office Barn Doors by Space Plus
Suspended Doors With No Bottom Track Space Saving suspended doors and room dividers with NO BOTTOM track are a great solution for home, commercial space, healthcare facilities or offices. Suspended Wall slide room dividers and suspended...
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Physical Therapy Room Dividers
Exteriors and Interiors Do Matter Interior and Exterior spaces matter and here’s why sliding glass doors make a difference! Many commercial building owners started with interior modifications such as sliding glass door room dividers, barn...
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Glass Room Dividers for Co Working Spaces
Activity Based Commercial Space Design Interior glass room dividers can help re-purpose space based on what people need to DO during the day! Activity based planning is the key to effective work space design. When...
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Lockitron Bolt Keyless Entry by Space Plus
Keyless Entry for Interior Glass Doors Interior Glass Doors Solutions by Space Plus solve design challenges again! Advantages of Keyless Entry There are many reasons to get a keyless entry system for swing doors and for...
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