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Commercial Space Interior Design Trends Enrich Every Work Area

Commercial Glass Wall

An evolution has been taking place the past decade and we see how vital our work spaces have become in our lives.


The disappearance of the majority of cubicles, the addition of lounge areas and collaborative work spaces are infiltrating the globe!

3 most important commercial space trends are evident in this picture


Steve Delfino, VP of Corporate Marketing & Product Management at Teknion says that

“The community table reflects a cultural moment. People are looking for more interaction at work & in other public settings including restaurants & hotels where large shared tables are making an appearance.”

  • Hiding the wires
  • Bringing the outdoors in
  • Community tables

Who can use this kind of space?

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • School Study Rooms
  • Insurance
  • Medical Collaboration
  • Any commercial office
  • Training
  • Libraries
  • Banks
  • So many more!

The next big trend is to multi-purpose work spaces!


Even the government has office space and conference rooms that previously were gray, dreary & uninspiring.

Room dividers, sliding glass doors, glass office fronts, suspended barn doors, conference rooms and lockable offices all play a part in multi-purposing commercial spaces to optimize them.

Gensler’s 2016 US Workplace survey identified elements of work space design that foster innovation. Their researchers determined which industry sectors have designs that promote innovation and which work places inhibit it…
Read more here.

During the past 50 years or more, our work places have changed dramatically.


Many of the changes impact work place design and functionality.
What used to be characterized by productivity and efficiency was changed when personal computers came about.

Then the internet brought information to us real time and our work places were re-shaped again and continue to evolve to drive more innovation.

While productivity is still VITAL, leveraging knowledge and promoting innovation is on the top of the goal list along with collaboration and cross functional teamwork.

In order to foster innovation, work spaces, conference rooms and consultation areas must provide natural light, places to meet and create PLUS private more quiet places to think and focus.

Interior glass door solutions including room dividers, swing doors, fixed glass walls and pass through windows all contribute to the kind of work place that is ripe for innovation and creativity. Innovation is seen as critical to maintain a competitive edge!

Sliding glass doors that can stack or lock for privacy provide significant functionality and offer a clutter-free, organized yet relaxed setting.

Conference room dividers & glass doors double as dry erase boards!


In line with collaboration and innovation, our interior glass door solutions can be designed with different sections of glass. Milky glass for example can be used as a dry erase board in a training room!


Focused work requires a lot of attention to detail and concentration.What could be more perfect than a private, calm area to set your mind free to THINK and create?


Visual distractions along with audio pings from cell phones and IPad can really be disruptive. Having a room divider that can slide closed and offer privacy when needed is a productive way to utilize your office space.

The combination of an open floor plan to innovate with others and the private areas required to focus is the key to success!


Stacking room dividers open the space for collaboration in seconds while offices fronts close off more private areas for focus and concentration.

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