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Silver Frosted Open Ended Room Divider Dental Office
Why Glass Partitions Are the Smart Choice for Hospitals Whether you’re a visitor or a patient, if you’re like most people, your goal is to get in and out of a hospital as quickly as possible. That’s because most...
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multi unit interior sliding doors for room separation
Tasteful Room Dividers for Your Loft The lofts in your multi-unit building provide loads of open space, but some separation is a good idea for the purposes of privacy. Glass wall dividers are a great way...
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Apartment Renovation
A Step-by-Step Guide to Apartment Renovation Apartment renovation isn’t something you can just jump into and expect instant results. It is an intricate process that requires preparation, permissions, and financing. You have to know who approves...
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Multi Unit Renovation Steps
Steps, Timeline, and Rules to Follow During a Multi-Unit Complex Renovation Project Planning a multi-unit complex renovation project for a commercial property or rental community is not something that should be taken lightly. There are many essential steps you must follow prior...
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How Apartment Renovations Can Improve ROI
How Apartment Renovations Can Improve ROI Whether the goal is to increase rent or the demand for a property, some renovations can offer more in terms of ROI than others. If you’re beginning renovations on a...
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privacy office enclosures with multi glass
Adding Privacy to Glass Sliding Doors A privacy wall or glass partition is a great substitution for standard drywall or typical fabric panels that can offer an upgraded modern look to any professional or residential space...
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red and white apartment buildings
Stand Out from Competing Apartment Complexes with In-Unit Glass Room Dividers There are many important factors to consider when it comes to renovating or designing residential units. The primary concern that many contractors, interior designers, and property managers/owners face when tackling...
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dining room dividers for private events
Très Chic: The Allure of Glass Room Dividers in Restaurants Restaurant owners wanting to increase their revenue and gain more space may think that renovation is the only option. However, glass panel dividers can allow for the instant transformation of...
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The 5 Design Cs for Innovative Hotel Conference Rooms
The 5 Design Cs for Innovative Hotel Conference Rooms When it comes to creating the ideal conference room experience, design makes all the difference. Business executives are all about the experience these days, and many hotel chains are putting...
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Glass Office Space Solutions
5 Tips for Selecting Glass Finishes for Your Office You’ve made the great choice to use glass for office wall dividers to create areas that are more open and collaborative. However, your work isn’t done. Because it’s completely customized...
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