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office divider for conference room with unique glass panels
Office Environments, Layouts, Standards and Guidelines As a contractor or architect, it’s up to you to design a space for your clients that is well suited to the client’s needs and improves the quality of their...
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Solutions for Social Distancing During early Stages of Re-openings image
Solutions for Social Distancing During early Stages of Re-openings Restaurant Industry Greatly Affected by COVID 19. While expected, it appears as though most Americans are still grappling with digesting the new normal, being that many public establishments, restaurants included,...
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Designer Network NYLA Interior Room Dividers
Crafting the Idyllic Retail Atmosphere With ample opportunity to redesign and upgrade the way we interact with our retail spaces, it’s no wonder clients like Men’s Warehouse reached out to us at Space Plus, A...
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The Exciting Move Toward Co-Working Spaces In the past two decades, there has been a great metamorphosis in the way that we as Americans understand and exist in shared spaces. The entire culture surrounding what a...
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