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How safe are your doors?

You won’t find safer interior doors anywhere. Safety is our first priority. Since we own all of the processes from factory-to-field, safety is built into every design, fabrication process, packaging and installation procedure. All of our glass is 5mm thick tempered, 7mm thick laminated and 10mm thick for our frameless glass barn doors. Our patented safety locking mechanism ensures that the doors will not leave their tracks.

What types of glass do you offer?

Glass opacity is an important part of any interior door project! That is why we offer a large selection of glass types, thicknesses and opacities to ensure your specific project requirements are met!  Ranging from clear to frosted, smoked, and milky to deluxe white, opaque laminated and black glass, you can find the perfect fit for your room divider, closet door or office enclosure.  Ask one of our specialists for your free consultation today to find out more and to get your free samples.

Can your solutions work on carpet, wood floor, concrete and tile?

Yes.  Our bottom track can be installed on any kind of flooring. Our flexible track systems are not top hung and all of the weight is down at the bottom resting on our tracks which can be recessed, ramped or simply installed over your finished flooring.   Our team of specialists will be happy to provide you with a free consultation to ensure your project requirements are being met!

How much sound reduction can we achieve?

Our solutions are intended to provide visual privacy and to curtail foot traffic. All of our solutions reduce sound (especially our floor-to-ceiling solutions with sound strips), although none of them are intended to be sound proof.

How do I see your product, get a quote or place an order?

Visit a showroom near you or contact us at 888-433-1333.

How easily do they slide?

Our interior glass door solutions on tracks have the smoothest glide in the industry due to our patented design.  Most of our flexible track systems have about 3 pounds of “push pressure” making them ADA compliant and super easy for anyone to slide.  The nearly silent upper rollers are also a part of our patent and keep the sliding glass doors aligned at all times. Our wheel to track locking mechanism provides certainty that the doors will never leave their tracks.  Easy and safe!

Is the framework Aluminum or Wood?

Space Plus takes great pride in being environmentally responsible. Therefore, our entire product line is comprised of glass and aluminum which are both recyclable and perfect for Green Construction projects.  Our various aluminum frame sizes and finishes can be seen on line or at any of our many showrooms nationwide! We encourage you to come in and see for yourself.

Can the sliding panels be made stationary?

Yes! You can choose from many flexible options to optimize functionality.   A slide bolt will allow a sliding panel to remain stationary at any given time and when disengaged with a touch of a button will allow the panel to slide again.   An upper track door stop will disable the panel from sliding, making it inactive at all times.   Please contact one of our showroom specialists to discuss your project and get a free consultation. We will review the various options available to ensure your project is exactly what you want.

What makes your product unique?

We build every door to meet your specific project requirements with safety you can trust.  Since we own the factory, we ensure that quality and safety are built in from the beginning of the fabrication process and carried through to installation.

Our patented designs bring flexibility, a way to repurpose the systems when needed, ADA compliant locks and latches, a soft close 3S system that ensures the doors will not slam against a side wall and smart track that allows panels to all stack to either side or in the middle making it easy to move furniture or have a larger meeting…are all part of what make our company and product line very unique.  In addition, our business model does not include dealers or distributors, bringing factory direct pricing to you.

What is the lead time?

Depending upon your project requirements, the lead time to ship will vary.  Stock items ship within 2 – 3 weeks from receipt of signed order and deposit.  Modified stock items take about 4 weeks to ship and custom orders typically ship or get scheduled for installation within 10 weeks from receipt of signed order documents and deposit.   In cases where a client must have our product faster, we work diligently to expedite the process to assist our clients in meeting their deadlines.

Can the doors be locked with a key?

Many of our solutions including sliding glass doors and swing doors can be locked with a key.  In addition, our unique selection of locks, latches and master key options provide huge benefit to both residential and commercial clients. We offer a “keyed alike” option in addition to “keyed individually” and “master keyed to store front/building front”- all contributing to the most flexible solutions on the planet!  We also have keyless entry which provides security, tracking of who is coming and going and more, all on your smartphone app!

Can the solutions go from floor to ceiling?

Our interior glass door solutions including room dividers, closet doors and privacy walls can go from floor to ceiling, soffit or header.  We also have “open air systems” that allow adjacent spaces to share lighting, heating and air conditioning to save energy costs year over year.  Our trained specialists will work directly with you to ensure your specific project requirements are met.  In addition our systems can be ordered with tracks that can be ramped, recessed or simply installed over your finished flooring with low profile ADA compliant tracks.

Can we take the doors with us if we move?

Yes, the doors are easy to “un-install”, transport and re-install.  You may need to obtain new tracks and beams.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

Yes. All are recyclable and can be reused.

What is the most important core value of Space Plus?

Building long term trusted relationships with our clients and to ensure the sustainable solutions we provide enhance the quality of the lives of people who use them.

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