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Yaell Ohayon


To say that Yaell is highly motivated and passionate about her work is an understatement.  She is driven with over 10 years of experience as a Corporate Controller/Director of Finance.  Yaell can multi-task multiple demanding tasks in a fast paced very detail oriented environment.  She has a strong presence and always includes all stakeholders when building process improvements into our company protocols.  Her experience working in national and international companies gives Yaell the foundation and skills to work effectively with people from various cultures and skill sets. Yaell graduated from USC with an Economics/Accounting degree and studied both Finance and Accounting which enables her to master both worlds.  Yaell is the Controller at TSDC and she has an inner desire to master new skills and to help others do the same.  She is ambitious and challenges herself regularly to add significant value to her department and company-wide.  The reports she presents to our Executive Team are meaningful and a basis for making strong management decisions.

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